About Us

The Wheelchair Guy is a professional business providing transportation services to the physically handicapped residents of the Greater Moncton region, which includes Dieppe, Moncton and Riverview. With a fleet of 7 specially equipped vans with capacity of up to 3 wheelchair passengers paired with 15-minute pickup times for non-scheduled calls. The Wheelchair Guy is there to meet the expectations of our clientele.

Striving to meet the expectations of our clientele is why we, The Wheelchair Guy, hold customer service at the forefront of our business. Therefore, clients are presented with pleasant, bilingual, bondable, uniformed employees who often have a Class 4 driver’s license and provide pleasant, friendly and courteous service.

In addition to maintaining quality staff we strive to ensure we meet customer satisfaction in the short-term by providing protection for customers and in the long-term by positioning the company for sustainability. To achieve this, we carry commercial vehicles insurance for both in and out of the van.

Furthermore, as a going concern, The Wheelchair Guy is registered as a sole proprietorship in the province of New Brunswick and with the Canada Customs and Revenue Agency.

In summary, with a targeted region, market need, quality equipment, professional staff and secured business operations, The Wheelchair Guy is strategically positioned to meet your needs.

The Wheelchair Guy