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Our Business Model

The Wheelchair Guy realizes that the customers’ needs vary and therefore we strategically designed the business to be as accommodating to our clients needs as possible.

First, we understand that there are times when groups requiring the same service would like the convenience of travelling together. Therefore, we choose to purchase vans that could accommodate up to 3 wheelchair passengers as a way to provide our customers with advantage not offered by other services. At the same time, thinking Green, by having 3 wheelchair passengers traveling at one time we are helping the environment by reducing the overall emissions by making only one trip.

Second, we understand that our clients cannot always plan ahead and don’t always have luxury of time to wait for non-scheduled transportation to become available. Therefore, we strategically position our vans throughout our target region to ensure nobody should wait more than 15 minutes.

Third, we realize that our customers’ time is valuable and therefore we pride ourselves on on-time pick up, to ensure our customers get to their appointments and destinations on schedule. In addition we provide our customers with the convenience 48 hour scheduled and non-scheduled service.

Finally, we want our customers to have a positive experience and therefore we choose qualified staff with pleasant dispositions to provide unprecedented service during their travels with us.

Wheelchair Guy